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Zuena Kirema narrates her ordeal with Covid-19

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“Make a wish” video vixen and baby mama to Bebe Cool Zuena Kirema opens up about her battle with the deadly coronavirus.

A month after she tested positive for the much-dreaded coronavirus disease, Zuena comes out to narrate her journey from the first symptoms she ever experienced down to the oath of battling with the virus and finally her recovery.

Altered by the sudden flu, cough, and loss of smell, Zuena Kirema was sure she had contracted the deadly virus. However, with confidence that she could handle herself from home, Zuena choose to take her health into her hands.

A decision she can only term as the worst mistake she ever made because thereafter, her health took a serious downward curve. More symptoms started flooding in, a fever, a running stomach, vomiting among many others.

“I got a fever, running stomach, vomiting and I started sweating profusely. Hubby immediately made the decision to take me to Mulago hospital. At first, I was scared of Mulago after the sad stories we keep hearing, but to my surprise I got the best care in Mulago hospital,” Zuena narrated.

She went on to upload the national Referral Hospital saying the only time her “hubby” was ever necessitated to remove a coin from his pocket was in a situation when specific medicine was required of her.

And In case you think the great treatment was subjective, Zuena went on to clarify that two of her friends that had been to Mulago before also told stories of fair treatment and manageable medical bills.

Without fail, she went on to thank the doctors that saw her through such a trying time and helped her until she was back on her feet and capable of living her life normally away from the threat of covid-19.

“Am here to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of Mulago hospital and all other medical personnel who have put their lives on the line to save Ugandans,” Zuena thanked the medical personnel while encouraging those still affected and sympathizing with the bereaved families.

As for the general public, Zuena called upon them to follow the Standard Operating Procedures set by the government such as wearing masks, sanitizing regularly, washing hands with soap and running water, keeping a social distance so as to avoid the transmission of covid.

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Zuena sealed off her message by saying; “It’s no longer a disease to hide but rather to learn from and save others. Let’s keep safe and keep posting our positive stories to encourage the sick out there. Wear your mask, Sanitize, Keep indoors if you must.”

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