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Ziza Bafana carries the blame for the backslide in his music career

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“Bantu baffe” singer Ziza Bafana has come out to party carry the burden for the backslide in his music career.

Previously, Ziza Bafana had the waves in his palm fold, however, over the years, things seemed to have slipped out of his fingers as the dancehall singer disappeared behind the curtain not to be seen for a long time.

In his view, Ziza Bafana believes he is partly to blame for constantly changing managements like it’s a medical prescription which at the end of the day saw him being flashed down the drain.

During an interview with a local radio station, the singer additionally revealed that his high demands are the reason as to why no management could keep up with him and keep leaving him.

Aside from that, Ziza Bafana loves to be at the forefront of his projects something his management often found irritating since in most cases, they prefer to take care of all the musicians’ works.

Currently, the singer is just trying to find his footing in the greatly competitive industry and at a time when the industry at large is battling with the impacts of Covid-19 seeing as stage performances have been barred.

Recently, the singer realized a collabo with Pallaso dubbed “Mpeke” and later a single comeback hitting the billboards known as “Mbuzi” with hopes of recapturing the audiences’ attention.

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And despite everything the musician has had to endure, he is sure that with his new management, work shall in deed get back to normal and help him gain back his standing in the music industry.

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