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Zari Hassan Breakup With New Lover Black Stallion

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Boss lady Zari Hassan has through an Instagram video revealed that she has ended her affair
with Nigeria boyfriend Thee Black Stallion. Yes, the two Zari breakup with lover Black Stallion.

In line to the breakup, Zari went on to erase whatever pictures of both she and Dark Stallion
had on her Instagram and additionally she gave reasons as to why she decided to break it off
with lover.

After twelve months of expressing their undying love for each other, Zari decided it was time to
put an end to the affair saying that her boyfriend no longer benefited her in any positive way
hence it was time to end it all.

Zari also admits still being in love with Stallion but she believes the voice of reason had to
prevail since she wasn’t going to stay in a relationship that was not contributing an ounce to her

“I miss him, but I had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me I won’t keep it,” Zari expressed herself
in a clip where she broke the news to the entire public about what was going on in her now
ended love life.

While the two were still together, Zari  Hassan made a number of trips to Tanzania to meet up her
former lover Diamond Platinumz while Diamond also visited Zari Hassan in South Africa on a
number of times.

However, the two always informed the public that the reason for their visits was to find a
means of co-parenting for their two children, a result for their long ended relationship that still
bid them.

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Doubt was only intensified with the cozy pictures that the duo always shared on the visits as
well as the most recent event went Zari could not help but console Diamond Platinumz after he
missed out on a BET award.

It is because of such past happening that we have questions are coming up if Zari left Stallion
only to return back to Diamond Platnumz.

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