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Zari and her Children fly back to the loving arms of Father Abraham

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City socialite Zarinah Tlale aka Zari Hassan, and her children have flown back to Tanzania to the loving arms of Diamond Platnumz.

The news was broken when a series of pictures were realized of the couple and their children cuddling away without a single care in the world about what is happening away from their confines.

Previously, it was Diamond Platnumz who usually went to South Africa to visit the children and
his ex-lover however, this time, tables turned around and it was Zari who went to Tanzania.

The journey included her two children Tiffah Dangote and Nillah who went to visit their father that is still the major bonding factor between the two, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platinumz. Shortly after landing, the four were seen cuddling and enjoying the time of their lives as if their lives depends on it for survival which left bystanders wondering where Thee Black Stallion was.

They right ways went to the musicians’ mansion and it was a joyous moment as the kids could be seen running to hug their father with great joy of finally reconciling with him after a while.


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Zari and Diamond have mastered the art of co-parenting as despite their challenges, they’ve managed to put their differences away and ensured that their children enjoy full benefits of having both parents.

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