Zamaradi Mketema Applauds Artistes for Standing With Her

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TANZANIA – One of the famous broadcasters in Tanzania, Zamaradi Mketema opens her heart due to the cooperation he receives from artistes in the country. She says that, he is not a big institution, but the artistes come to her when she calls on them.

In this 7/7 season of 2021 due to the cooperation she received from the artistes due to her ideas Emerald opens this Moyoni (heart) from her Instagram account. He reveals how he can never pay back all of them, but promises to keep respecting them.

ARTISTS – you have been a part of my life in a very big way, you have been supporting me in many things So, I am not a big institution but when I bring the idea to you and ask for your participation you have been at the forefront again with great love to support me.” Zamaradi Mketema started her applause to artistes.

Thank you for the great FAITH you have for me, I HAVE NOTHING TO PAY FOR YOU !! I repeat I have
nothing to pay them that will match the love you have shown me !! Except I VERY VERY MUCH !! you
have been my strength in a very great way, We have all laughed at many, we have all grieved at many as
well”  Zamaradi Mketema continued.

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And we have shared in different times of life, and may I say today, at the time, when and wherever
you need me, I WILL BE THERE, because to me you are FAMILY !! Again a family of love and great respect” Zamaradi Mketema said. She ends by assuring the Tanzania artistes that she loves them so much.

Thank you for everything, As you value me I APPRECIATE YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH !! This you did not do as part of the work but the Get Together of the family, and that is why it has become so big
because everyone put their heart out” Zamarandi Mketema concluded.

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