Ykee Benda rats out about how Spice Diana gave him a cold shoulder

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“Munakampala” singer Ykee Benda couldn’t help but cry out on social media about how fellow singer Spice Diana gave him a cold shoulder and denied him the chance to have her number.

In the post, Ykee Benda acts like he is not affected by what Spice did but the words prior make is over that he is grieving over the attitude he got from his colleague.

In relation to the above, his post on one of his social media accounts is dripping with disappointment and hurt although he tries to wrap it up with humorless laughter.

“That look I gave to Spice Diana after she had refused to share her new number 😹😹. Spice Kati Mbu ki ??” said a pained Ykee Benda on his social media account.

Ykee Benda previously served as the president of the musicians’ association in Uganda so it would be no surprise that he wanted to keep in touch with some of his colleagues.

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However, the reasons behind Spice Diana’s actions are still not known to this site. It could be because the “kwatawano” singer has been hoping from Uganda to her Southern neighbor in a bid to attain a collabo.

We shall be working tooth and nail to ensure that we get to know the motive behind Spice Diana’s actions.

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