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Ykee Benda COVID-19 Story a Scary One, He Shares It

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Mpaka records boss Ykee Benda has gone on to share his struggle through his battle with the
novel coronavirus.

The “Munakampala” singer has been suffering from coronavirus since last Tuesday, however, he has since recorded an improvement in his health condition which lead his to share about how he is fairing.

In his tweet, Ykee Benda described the virus as having caused him multiple discomforts such as headaches, joint pains, favers as well as sleepless nights, to sum it all up, he concluded the situation as terrible.

However, in the same tweet he said his aim was not to scare off people but rather to keep them hopeful since he is recovering despite the fact that he has suffered all these symptoms in the past few days.

I have been hit by this virus since Tuesday last week…The headaches the joints, discomfort, the sleepless nights, the fevers. Terrible!! But am not here to continue to scare you. I am here to give you hope…I am finally pulling through hence why I have chosen to share,” read his tweet in part.

Ykee Benda went on to urge Ugandans to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures set by
the Ministry of Health as a mechanism to prevent themselves from contracting covid-19, according to him, Ugandans ought to try and keep themselves safe.

In line his previous post, Ykee Benda also criticized Ugandans hospitals. He said he gave up on a
longtime a go since many of them are just money minded and all they aim at is collecting as much money as they can from already suffering citizens.

“I stopped trusting hospitals along time ago!!! Money money money !!!!” Ykee Benda lamented
in another tweet.

This comes only hours after the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng called upon private medical facilities to apologize to people for over charging them for Covid-19 treatment as she believes the costs ought to be way cheaper.


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Above all, let us maintain the SOPs as we pray for our friends and families that are battling with

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