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Winnie Nwagi’s Father says She is A Wife Material

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Winnie Nwagi’s father Henry Kabiito says her daughter is wife material.

Henry Kabiito has today come out and defended her daughter to all those who see her daughter as violent. In an interview with local television, Winnie Nwagi’s father was asked about her daughter’s behavior where he revealed that Winnie Nwagi is a generous person who will only attack you after you have provoked her.

In addition to the above, she said that the day his daughter finds a respectful man then it’s no doubt she will settle. He revealed that the media have always sought to here from him about his daughter but he is not a man of many words. He speakers when there is need to.

“She is not violent. I know her as a calm person who will only attach you when you have provoked her to. There she will teach you a lesson. I think the men she has beaten provoked her. And the day she finds a respectful man, she will settle. She is going to find that person because she is wife material,” the old man explained.

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However it should be remembered that for years now, Winnie Nwagi is among those celebrities you don’t joke with because she will put you in you place. She has a history of abusing and beating people where she can.


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