Why Sheebah Karungi is one of the richest East African musicians

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Queen Karma Sheebah Karungi surely is one of the richest East African musicians and this can fully attributed to her hardwork which has helped to keep her financially stable and away from whatever may lead her to bankruptcy.

She also has a number assets which have helped her to remain rich. The musician owns the Holic pads which are on high demand not only from her fans but many Uganda girls. This definitely has helped to move her networth from where it initially stood by a great deal hence contributing to her wealth.

Aside from this, Sheebah is the proprietor of Queen Karma Boat cruise company. This business has been greatly facilitated by the fact that she owns a yacht and has therefore helped greatly as far as promoting her business and earning her more money hence boosting her networth.

Furthermore, Sheebah Karungi is the owner of Terrace Bar. The bar that is located along Ggaba road is very crucial in as far as her financial stand is concerned. And despite the fact that bars have been located due to covid-19, she still has other businesses running to facilitate her.

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Basing on recent reports, Sheebah Karungi is constricting a multi-billion apartment complex along Entebbe road. It is said that the apartments located in Bwebajja, Entebbe road surely are a class apart although the musician has tried to keep it as a secret from the ever piercing eyes of the public.

Conclusively, with such assets, Sheebah surely qualifies to be one of the richest Ugandans and East Africans. She even lives in a mansion worth million of dollars, what can we say, ‘Sheebah richer this year.’

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