What is e-Learning? Reasons Why you Should Embrace it

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E-learning or electronic learning or online learning or distance learning is education which takes place over the internet. Unlike traditional learning that took place in a classroom, e-learning takes place across a distance with the internet as the central ground.

Much as this kind of learning was already in existence as some schools fully had e-learning classes
while others had hybrid classes comprising of both online classes and traditional classes, they
were further popularized by the covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, here are some reasons as to why it is crucial to embrace online classes especially in
this time and age;

Online classes are flexible. Unlike traditional classes which had to be conducted in the same
learning environment, online classes require your online presence not your physical presence.
This means that a learner can even study from the comfort of their living room.

Leaners can always take on more courses. Since the classes do not require physical presence,
learners have the advantage of taking on more than one course which will broaden their scope
of learning as well as their knowledge base.

Also, during the covid-19 pandemic, online learning can protect one from getting the virus. We
all know that covid-19 spreads through physical interaction especially with someone who has
the virus. Since online classes eradicate the chances of physical interaction, they therefore limit
on chances of contracting the deadly virus.

Everyone can learn through online classes. Some people have been limited from learning since
they can not create time in their busy schedules to study, however, with online classes,
students can always study and it is totally open to everyone no matter what age group one
belongs to.

Online classes are of a lower cost than physical classes. It is important to embrace online classes
since they are way cheaper. While dealing with traditional classes, parents had to incur right from transportation cost, to feeding among others, unlike this, online classes only need data and a certain sum to be paid for the classes.

Student’s technical skills shall be enhanced. The entire world and every sector has embraced
technology hence online classes shall help in developing a child’s skills and enable them to be
ready for any field they shall get into later in their lives.

Conclusively, online classes (e-learning) are here to stay especially since their isn't an estimated time for which the pandemic which stay which is one it is very important for us to embrace online


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