What Awaits The Ugandan Music Industry Post Covid19 Virus Intervention

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In this Ugandan Music Industry where an artist is expected to create content, fund studio resources, promote his content, make high-quality videos, and at least manage to show a materialistic lifestyle in order to build his/her brand to the public. And after all that, his source of income is Youtube money, online advertising, online performances, and if lucky hits a concert outside Uganda.

I would define the Ugandan Music Industry as a Burning Forest, but what’s disturbing is that the people supposed to put out the fire are busy picking tree fruits. Is there any particular person we should look for help or is it fatal? We can see people like General Salim Saleh a retired Ugandan military officer and brother to H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni but many say he has done more harm than good for the industry.

Is organizing associations and musicians sector a way out? We have seen the Ugandans Musicians Association (UMA) which has a lot of conflicts causing many to brunch off it due to money wangles. Everybody thinks is an expert and the one supposed to be given leadership, but how can one tell a musician? Everybody can sing and many claim to be musicians.

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The English dictionary says a music industry should consist of individuals or Organizations that earn money through the art of music. This can be recorded music or sheet music, these individuals can be performers, song writes and music composers, labels (organizations that aid, train, represent and supply music creators) they also sell music for musicians and lastly concert presenters.




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