Well off Ugandans Should Donate to Vulnerable Ones – Professor Patrick Ogwang

He called upon rich Ugandans to donate to poor ones as a sign of brotherhood and unity in this lockdown period

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Professor Patrick Ogwang, the proprietor of Jena Herbals Uganda Limited and maker of Covidex, has called upon well off Ugandans to donate relief items to vulnerable Ugandans.

He made the remarks in relation to the ongoing lockdown which has frustrated many people’s
lives and it has only worsened the situation for Ugandans that were in compromising positions
making them vulnerable.

While distributing food to vulnerable people at St. John’s Church of Uganda Kamokya, Professor
Patrick Ogwang came out and said the best way to go about the situation is by letting well off
Ugandans donate to the less fortunate.

Upon the imposition of the 42-days lockdown, businesses were also shut down on the process
by President Museveni was Ugandans were asked to stay home so as to avoid the deadly Covid-
19 after a surge in the number of cases.

The government has since come to her people’s rescue through sending a sum of UGX 100,000
to vulnerable throughout the country, however, some vulnerable Ugandans did not receive the

In this case, the best way to go about this situation is by well off Ugandans standing in for those
that are not well off to donate to them and help them through these trying times just as
suggested by Professor Patrick Ogwang.

However, the police as well as the Prime Minister prohibited the individual supply of relief
materials to individuals especially food items due to fear of the possibility of poisoning during
such circumstances.

To limit on the chance of such events happening, the government has suggested supply of food
through government outlets so as to limit on chances of poisoning as government experts shall
first evaluate the food stuffs.


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