Weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko finally gets released by police

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Ugandan weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko who disappeared while in Japan where he had gone for
the Olympics championship has finally been released from Police custody.

Although no charges were levied against the weightlifter, once he arrived in the country, he was
right away taken into Police custody where he was held for a number of days without any
explanation whatsoever being given.

Despite the fact that both his mother and pregnant girlfriend tried to demand for the release of
Julius Ssekitoleko shortly after he had been taken by the police, their pleas fell on deaf ears.
Finally, the weightlifter finally tasted the feel of freedom today since landing in the country
from Japan where he had been captured by Police back in Japan for having escaped from their
accommodation center.

While in Japan, Julius Ssekitoleko was residing with the rest of the Olympics championship
competitors, however, he disappeared from their residence which caused alarm when he didn’t
turn up for the mandatory Covid-19 testing.

After this, it was discovered he had last been seen at around midnight the day prior and his
departure letter indicated that the reason as to why he decided to leave was so he could find
employment in Japan.

This move was criticized by his sportsmen participating in the Olympics championships stating
that each of them had been given an allowance of UGX 7 million which was meant to sustain


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Due to this, it came as a shock that the released by police Julius Ssekitoleko, decided to escape in search of a better life instead of being patriotic and representing his country in the Olympics championships held in Japan.

Thanks to his disobedience, Julius Ssekitoleko was disqualified from the Olympics championship and
he was immediately deported back to Uganda where he went into Police custody right away. Finally
he was released today.

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