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Weasel’s mother blames alcohol for his behavior

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According to singer Weasel’s mother, alcohol is the reason for not only Weasel’s recklessness but all her sons.

The mother of four pointed out specifically at tequila for being the reason as to why her sons are often found in situations that cause harm to themselves or other people that are around them.

Her remarks came shortly after Weasel appeared in the media negatively after he beat up his house boy, broke his leg and threw him out of his house to the street without a single penny.

Upon hearing the news, Weasel’s mother ran to the aid of the said houseboy footing his medical bills and ensuring that he is fully taken care of until he recovers and gets back to his feet.

Also, her youngest son Emmanuel Mayanja also popularly known as AK-47 met his untimely death while drinking and having fun with friends of his at a city bar. When he took a short break to the bathrooms, he was found in terrible condition while nose bleeding and with foam in his mouth.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, upon arriving at St. Francis Nsambya Hospital, it only took 5 minutes for the sad news about his death to break.

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It must also be remembered that back in 2008, Dr. Jose Chameleon fell from a high building and even broke his legs. It is alleged that at the time when the events transpired, he was intoxicated.

That makes it to three out of the four Mayanja brothers which excludes Pallaso. This gives a clear picture of why Mama Mayanja would point at alcohol as being the source of the family tragedies.

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