Weasel Returns in “Bwekiri” Brand New Song, Download

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Good lyfe duo Radio and Weasel have returned in another hit banger “Bwekiri” (bwekili) which is already out and about on the street.

Basing on everyone that has listened to the song, it has been described as a monster hit which
you surely would not want to miss out on as East Beast in his tweet described the song as
everything beyond the ordinary.

Thanks to Weasel and Radio management, the song is already competing for the top positions on
the billboards and of course it’s no secret that Good Lyfe management has always been a
number one darling to East African listeners.

While working upon the “Bwekiri  (bwekili) dream”, Artin pro was behind the beats and he saw to it that
once you are shaking your body to the song, you surely shall enjoy it bit to bit till you reach the

As for the “Bwekiri” video, AaronaireOnSet made it possible with his creative hands and
wonderful blend of colors meant to bring out such a beautiful image that shall capture any

Well what is it about this song that could go wrong because right from the musician, down to
the team that assembled it and made the “Bwekiri” (bwekili) dream into reality, surely there is nothing
to question about it.




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So check out the recently dropped “Bwekiri” audio or video and you will truly be mesmerized
by the concepts that have been put together to produce such a splitting image of perfection.

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