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Weasel Nursing Wounds for Violating Covid-19 Guidelines

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Goodlyf singer Pius Mayanja popularly known as Weasel is alleged nursing wounds after being
beaten by security operatives.

It is alleged that the “obudde” singer was beaten up by security personnel when he failed to adhere to the standard operating directives that were set by President Museveni in the 42-days lockdown.

Reports further indicate that the events transpired along Salaama Road, Ewa’Kulekana yesterday when Weasel and three of his friends were intercepted in a convertible car. Little did they know what awaited them.

Once the musician was stopped, it is narrated by eye witnesses that he got out of his car and started aligning his possessions before the officers which automatically rubbed them off on the wrong side.

The uniformed men then resorted to doing what they do best as they reduced Weasel to common man’s level with multiple beating to show him that status knows no place when to comes to following the directives set by the President.

Such is just one of the incidences that were captured on the first day of implementing the instilled 42 days total lockdown that was put by President Museveni. Across the country, people sweated plasma with security personnel hot on their tails.


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Be wise, stay home and go out only if it’s necessary, let your doors be closed by 7 pm because the true is, failure to adhere to the directives, the president says the prisons shall get full so either your pockets cover for you if you’re lucky or most likely your behind endures the stroke.

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