Was a Woman Responsible for the Kampala CPS Bombing or a Man? Here is a Step by Step Analysis

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On the 16th of November 2021, at least three people were killed and 33 others badly wounded in twin suicide bombing in Uganda’s capital Kampala, an incident the Uganda police confirmed. Police further said that, it was a ‘man with a backpack’ that sparked the blast at the entrance of CPS, with proof of a video footage.

But this after a close look at the video, our Times Investigative team took it to give it more time enad analyze what really happened, as the issue left others hanging in controversy. And by the use of the very video footage provided, we have seen something quiet different and deserving attention.

In this Kampala bombing analysis, we have a specimen, we shall name it (Lady X), this lady is not talked about in the whole thing, yet she should be the center of attraction as well. A few seconds before the blast, she is seen putting on a white clothing, and coming so quickly, enters the small palm trees that are on the roadside.

In the second frame, the same woman is seen swiftly leaving and going to the opposite side, from where the said suicide bomber with a backpack is coming from. Actually that happened a few seconds before the man with the backpack appears in the lens of the camera that captured the whole event.


Suspected Bomb Attack on Swift Bus in Kampala

This Lady X, then disappears completely but while running so fast, something we think is not a coincidence. Immediately the man with a backpack appears and heads upwards, a sharp lightening is seen coming straight from the palm trees besides the road, and it is where the blast started from.

Actually in this last set in the Kampala bombing, after the lightening emerged as the blast went on, the man with a backpack is seen still walking and not blasting! This clearly still tells you that, by the time the blast took place, this Lady X had moved more than 10 meters from the scene of the blast.

We are now left in space as well, was this Lady X among the injured or dead? If she did not die, where is she? Then again, has anyone come out yet to claim the body of the said bomber? the man with a backpack? That is in case he was innocent.

On the other hand, Uganda Police said they believed a domestic rebel group allied to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an affiliate of the ISIL (ISIS) group in central Africa, was be behind the Kampala bombing attacks. ISIL claimed responsibility late on Tuesday.

Earlier on, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said the attacks were carried out by “manipulated and confused” youths who were being hunted down by the security forces in the months since a failed assassination bid on a top government official.

See full screenshot analysis

Kampala bombing

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