Vj Baby Love Kicks in With Rewind Tune Alongside Zos Tatoo and Rulz

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Vj Babylove hits it with a massive tune called Rewind featuring Zos and Rulz. It is an afro-dancehall song. It’s is both a melodic and a hard Caribbean dancehall song with a fusion of African cord progression and pattern.

This song Rewind talks of the first love and how it strikes the veins of the heart. It’s ever a special kind of feeling because the first love slaps differently. The making of this song was really fun because the beat would speak directly to our souls. When Jam Vybz shared the track with us, we were too excited coz it had my amazing blend of both the saxophone and the violin that gave it a classic feel.

Vj Babylove arranged the song and also came up with melodies in the chorus and so the track was ready. The voicing part was another big mood because both Zos Tatoo and Rulz came to studio with intensions of proving a point of who hard the hardest vibe but still both dropped in a nice vibe with some nice melodies and bars.

Finally the Rewind was mixed and mastered by Jam Vybz. So I give you a thousand reasons to rewind this song and bless your ears.




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