VIDEO – Shock as MUBS Students Caught Live On Camera Chewing After a Zoom Lecture

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Internet broke loose when a sxtape of two first year students from Makerere University Business School (MUBS) leaked. This has become so viral in a way that no one that has not yet seen them b0nking tirelessly. In this video, MUBS Students Joe Kiganda and his girlfriend are the ones that have entertained us today.

The two  were recorded live on camera having s@x after a lecture on zoom, since nowadays most lectures are conducted online. The lecturer had been previously conducting the lecture on zoom and just immediately after the lecture was done,  the students who seem to have been highly on heat decided to unleash the weapons of mass destruction due on each other due to the high sexual libido.

This happened accidentally as the MUBS students including Joe Kiganda whose phone the two were conducting the lecture on, it’s camera was left on unknowingly just after the lecturer had ended the lesson that saw this development in a video.

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However, the female whose identity still remain uncertain shocked several students who had left the
zoom class to re-invite them to enjoy a free and unpaid for s@x marathon. And indeed, the two had the best of their time since the boy first begged to be made to release first some yogurt.


Well, one of the students who was enjoying the moment started recording the moment for those who
missed that is how the video has made its way out. They find Thelma Garim, a MUBS student who also had her n#de video that went viral.


VIDEO: MUBS’ Thelma Garim Leaks Own Video, Formerly Accused of Raping Men

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