VIDEO: Rat Found in Milkshake Puts Cafe Javas on a Test

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City’s leading cafe Café Javas is in the spotlight over a rat which was found in a milkshake by
one of it’s clients.

We have all had a taste of Café Javas’ delicious and memorable milkshakes which ever you want
to have them, with Oreos or not, to go or to seat back and enjoy your mouth watering
milkshake in a spacious vicinity of the cafe.

However, imagine waking up to the shock of realizing that aside from the wonderful blends that
have been combined to make your milkshake, there’s a dead rat lacking at the bottom of your
disposable cup at Cafe Javas.

Such is the situation in which one of the frequent customers of Cafe Javas found herself feasting on a rat today after consuming more than three quarters of her milkshake, she discovered that at the bottom
lay the caucus of a rat.

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To make matters worse, upon making a complaint to the Cafe’s management, she was informed
that for the situation to be rectified, she would need legal representation to intervene on her

On the other hand, Cafe Javas hasn’t come out to say a thing about the situation that has so far
spread all over the internet once the video was shared to various social media platforms.


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This has left many of her clients in a dilemma since they don’t know whether this has been
going on for sometime now or was it a one time error soon to be rectified.

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