Video Proof: How Andrew Kabuura and Mercy Twinomujuni Enjoyed Vacation Together

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Like he said when starting his sports show at NTV Uganda last night, “back home, there is a big story not a scandal”, Andrew Kabuura and Mercy Twinomujuni have ruled the media. But we have continued to unearth the unthinkable truth and here is the video proof that the two Kabuura and Mercy have been on vacation behind their lovers’ backs.

This all started when the two, Andrew Kabuura and Mercy Twinomujuni were bitterly exposed by someone who got access to Mercy’s phone. What happened, the person screenshot their conversation and leaked it through a newly created Facebook account in the names of Bwino Bwino. Now, we have gathered for you more evidence on how the two have been seeing each other for long, they have been on vacation together also.

In this video, we show you how Kabuura was on vacation in the same place with Mercy Twinomujuni, and the two made different posts on their social media handles, citing the same place! This is backed by the posts they made, and they have a difference of 3 days!


“One day to the Euros, I can see England and France playing in the final.” Andrew Kabuura posted on the 10th of June. On the same note, his side chic Mercy posted “Greetings from Elephant Plains Lodge, when the situation gets better, visit Uganda” Kabuura and mercy posted while on vacation.

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Now, when Kabuura was making his quoted post, He put his location to be at Elephant Plains Lodge Uganda. The same location Mercy posted! The two were probably on a vacation. That is where things turned to be so real, so true.

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