Video: Meet a Man That Openly Proclaims he is Satan

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Tanzanians were recently shocked beyond words when a young man openly proclaimed he was
Satan, the same one who disobeyed God and was dropped from the Heavens. His nails are longer than any artificial nails most young ladies wear today while he has markings upon his body. In a voice filled with confidence, he goes a head to say in Kiswahili.

“Mimi ni shetani aliye asi kwa Mungu, Adam an Hawa ni niliwandanganya kama mnavyo soma
kwenye vitabu ni mimi, nimejitkeza kwa mwili wa binandu.” This can loosely be translated in English as, “I am the devil who rebelled against God, I deceived Adam and Eve as you read in the books, it is me, I have disguised myself in a human body.” Satan Man said.

The shocking event transpired shortly before a match that was meant to be between two team,
Young Africans FC popularly known as Tanga FC and Simba SC. The ‘self proclaimed’ Satan was
supporting Tanga FC which he predicted would win.

Such events of Satan Man and many others make it seem like the end time is fast approaching. Recently, young American rapper Lil Nas X came up with Satan shoes that were sold out in a snap of a finger.


Whereas elsewhere in the world, the Satan church is fully operational and it even has believers. The most scary bit of it all is that those that go to this Church seem to dress like they are going to a Halloween party.


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As the end closes in with every passing day, Christians can’t help but sin. Good thing is, we can
always repent, so repent of your wrong doings and try to avoid unholy ways. The world is not as
it may seem.

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