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Victor Ruz Confesses Undying Love for Desire Luzinda’s Daughter

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Love legend singer Victor Ruz has confessed his undying love for Desire Luzinda’s daughter
Michell Kaddu. This is not the first time as he earlier this month said he found the 17-year old adorable and she seems to be made out of milk and honey. These comments did not go unnoticed by social
media in laws as they kept looking for more juice.

During a morning show on one of the local radio stations, the singer could not help it anymore
as he admitted having feelings for the beauty and said there’s no other woman like her.

Yes, I like Michelle, no doubt. I heavily crush on her,” Victor’s exact words as he was expressing
exactly how he feels about Michell Kaddu, Desire Luzinda’s daughter. Victor Ruz gets weak on this still.

This prompted the presenter to ask him if he would date a minor since Michelle is only 17 but
the musician seems to have everything under control as he said, “She is 17 now, and am also
just 20, there is still time for us to catch up.”  Victor Ruz continued.

The underage Michelle vowed never to have sex before marriage after she learnt of the
troubles her mother had to endure after having her at 18. This only means that Victor Ruz’s
only chance at love with Michelle would require him to wait until she’s ready.


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