UIA Grants Prof. Patrick Ogwang an Investment License

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Uganda Investment Authority (U.I.A) has granted the proprietor of COVIDEX, Prof Patrick Ogwang an investment plan. Then goes ahead to clear him for mass production of his Covidex remedy.

This transpired today’s morning at the Uganda Investment Authority head offices in Kampala
where the Minister in charge of Investment Honorable Evelyne Anite granted the professor the
brand new opportunity.

While speaking, Honorable Evelyne Anite said they majorly aim at boosting local industries as
she said, “Our focus is on supporting local investors. We believe that our country can be built by

At the same event, Prof Patrick Ogwang was granted five acres of land in Soroti city where he is
expected to set up an industry to manufacture local herbal remedies alongside COVIDEX that
had been approved as a support treatment for Covid-19.

UIA provides 5 acres of land in Soroti Industrial Park to enable Prof. Ogwang set up a factory to
enable him develop his and other solutions to enable the growth of the pathogen’s economy,”
said Honorable Evelyne.

Earlier on, the Ministry of Health through National Drug Authority approved the usage of
COVIDEX as a support treatment from the COVID-19 virus that had claimed many lives in the

Since then, Jena Herbals has been in charge of the manufacture of Covidex which is on high
demand on the market especially due to the confirmed relieving impacts it is known for having
upon patients suffering from the deadly COVID-19.


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However, the local manufacturer had today been given a boost by the Uganda Investment
Authority through the provision of land upon which the company can expand hence promoting
the manufacture of other local medical remedies.

Uganda is now set to roll out enough Covdex remedy for everyone, this time COVID-19 attacked a wrong country. Observe SOPS, and keep safe.

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