Uganda’s 2021 3 Funniest TikTokers

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Once the covid-19 pandemic hit, TikTok became the world’s favorite application sabotaging the monopoly that Facebook had maintained for a long time. The scramble then started for who would get the highest number of likes and followers.

Although this web has dragged many Ugandans into it with focus on various types of content.

Here are our ultimate funniest tiktokers of the year;

3. Mickey.

Mickey seems funny as he is popularly known gained fame in a flashlight speed. Most of his skits feature his lovely wife Bash and an anonymous neighbor, Mama Gladys. Even if the other characters are never exposed, Mickey perfectly paints the picture of your typical stingy and greedy Ugandan husband.

In his monologues, he is either lamenting about the insufficient food Bash has given him or even in other situations, he is speaking about something Mama Gladys has done. In his belief, the two ladies are always trying to cross him with his wife cheating him of the lions’ share and Mama Gladys trying to seem like a better person even when she asks for help.

2. Brennan baby:

Ever heard of that student that is a school flower. Brennan seem to perfectly fit into the picture since he always bring out whatever character you yearn for from your school days right, from the chatter box girls to the queen of gossip. Even the tough nun will tell you to pray to Holy Mary for forgiveness of your sins.

As though that’s not enough, he seems to have a list of names that scream rebellion right from the pronunciation and in deed his act wouldn’t be complete without them. In your head, you could probably imagine what Muzanganda looks like or at least Malakwang and not forgetting Kasajja.

That’s just how he has branded himself, the master of mischief that knows what transpires in every corner of the school. And in addition what even the new teacher would say when given an opportunity to throw a word or two during their welcome assembly.

1. Phoebe:

Phoebe usually features a young Arab boy in her videos whom she has chosen to name “Bisaso.”

Despite the fact that her teammate is dumb, the name she uses to address him already has her audience following her script to the dot. And thanks to her willingness to engage the dumb boy, her following grew day in, day out.

Subsequently, her fame grew faster than a wild fire which lead her to being the first Ugandan to ever feature in an advertisement for the already worldwide famous application.

From her outrageous accomplishment on the social media platform, many more Ugandans got inspired to join the app and share their content. However, such actions never drove her character as she stayed humble and worked with other.

While constantly giving credit to others who have just joined the industry, she has helped many stay assail and can become social media influencer in regard to her works on TikTok.

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