Ugandans Refute Police Claims of Arresting General Katumba Attackers

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In an official statement released by the Uganda Police, the man behind the attack on General
Katumba attackers were tracked down, tried to resist arrest that lead to his death. However,
Ugandans have come out to rubbish the police findings.

According to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, General Paul Lokech, the task force was in
position to track down a one Hussein Lubwama who also goes by the names of Christopher
Kinene and popularly known as Master.

The accused is also a confirmed resident of Kabulengwa-Kyebando located in Nansana
Municipality and at the time of his arrest was captured along the Nansana Nabweru road.

The task team further tracked down and arrested Lubwama Hussein alias Kinene Christopher
alias MASTER, a resident of Kabulengwa-Kyebando in Nansana Municipality; who was arrested
along Nansana Nabweru road,” informed the Deputy IGP about General Katumba attackers.

Additionally, General Lokech informed that the suspect was a renown leader of a domestic
terror group and upon arrest, he put up great resistance that earned him injuries sending him
to an early grave.

The suspect who was the team leader and head of domestic terror cell, put up very stiff
resistance to the extent of grabbing a gun from an officer, but was subdued by the task team.
He later succumbed to the injuries,” he said additionally.

Ugandans did not take the news in positive spirits as a number of them on Twitter came out to
claim that this was just one of Police’s tricks to cover up their failure to track down a suspect as
one Elijah Were said;

The most important thing here is finding the motive. Why would this malnourished guy have
any grudge against General Katumba to the extent of planning an organized and well-armed
attackers? Stop fooling Ugandans.”

To counter the argument, another tweep Joram Jose pointed out the fact that the suspect was
a Moslem claiming an innocent Ugandan was being punished as he said, “Another Moslem
brother is set to be punished by corrupt police.”

Despite these negative responses, some tweeps came out to defend police stating that
Moslems were indeed chaotic as MAVADO96 said, “Moslems have been enemies to every
developed state it’s of no doubt check what’s going on in Chad.”

While Oj, another tweep challenged those that refuted police findings to come out and tell the
truth. “If those are lies, kindly lead the police to real suspects,” he said to people who were

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This isn’t the first Ugandans have come out to object police findings as in the past, when one of
the National Unity Platform members died, the party claimed he was battered by the police and
although the police investigation revealed that he had succumbed to accident injuries, the party
still maintained it’s initial stand.

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