Ugandan Olympics Weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko Disappears in Japan

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20-year-old Julius Ssekitoleko Ugandan represented in Japan Olympics competition has
mysteriously disappeared from his hotel room.

It was discovered that Julius Ssekitoleko had gone missing after he failed to turn up for the Covid-19 test and when investigations were conducted about his whereabouts, it was discovered he was
missing from his room.

The Ugandan delegation meant to participate in the Olympics competition arrived in Japan last
month and has since been residing in Izumisano, Osaka region where they have been having
pre-game training at the camp.

However, during their stay at the training at the camp, one of Uganda’s representatives Julius
Ssekitoleko suddenly went missing as reported by officials only a week to the beginning of the
Tokyo Games.

“One member of the Ugandan delegation, which the city received as a host town, has gone
missing and cannot be reached” the city of Izumisano administrators reported through their
official statement.

However, they went on to inform that they are working around the clock to ensure they get the
missing sportsman Julius Ssekitoleko back as they said, “The city is making all efforts to search for the individual. We have reported the matter to police.

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Furthermore, the statement informs that the last time Julius Ssekitoleko was seen was at around
midnight when he was spotted within the perimeter of the hotel by a fellow athlete, however,
twelve hours later at around midday when he failed to turn up for the PCR test, it was
discovered that he is missing.

Subsequently, a search party was sent out to find him and the search is still underway,
hopefully, he will be found soon.

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