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Uganda Celebrities that Gave Birth to Lockdown Babies 2020-2021

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As many people are battling with the impacts of lockdown, there’s no denying the fact that
many couples could not help but have a baby during this lockdown time. Well here are some Uganda
celebrities that had babies during lockdown.

1. Flavia Tumusiime

Talented media personality welcomed the spirit of motherhood when she had her first child with husband, Andrew Kabura. The couple on 10th April 2020 welcomed their first child a bouncing baby boy whom they named Liam Ahabwe Kabura. Andrew Kabura could not help but pour out his excitement on social media after meeting his son for the first time.

2. Juliana Kanyomozi

Veteran musician Juliana Kanyomozi has for sometime been single following the tragic death of
her first son Keron Kabugo. But after she held her second son, there’s no explanation that can fit the joy that filled her heart that day.

Right away, Juliana took to her social media and asked everyone to welcome baby Taj on the 12th of May, 2020. Taj joined Uganda lockdown babies

Although both the baby’s identity and paternity have been kept secret, it is obvious that this is a
blessing and everyone joined in with Juliana to celebrate her son’s first birthday in May, this

3. Weasel Manizo

Goodlyf singer Weasel Manizo also made it to the list of celebrities that joined parenthood
during the covid-19 lockdown. On 17th May, 2020, Weasel and Rwandan girlfriend Sandra Teta
welcomed their first child. An addition to the ever growing Mayanja family and she was named, Maria Mayanja.

4. Henry Tigan

Despite the fact that he hasn’t been active on the music scene, Henry Tigan definitely caught
everyone’s attention upon announcing the birth of his babies. You got that right, both Henry Tigan and his wife welcomed a set of twins and right after, Henry Tigan could not help but brag about how he had become a Ssalongo, with capital S. They joined Uganda lockdown babies.

5. Chosen Becky

“Mwana we Masaka” Chosen Becky who was ushered into the music industry with her “mama
yankuza” so happens to have had a baby during lockdown. Through her Facebook page, Chosen
Becky announced the birth of her baby boy on 18th May, 2020 as she informed her and lover
welcomed baby Heather Amir Mutebi.

6. Vinka

Pencil sized Swangz Avenue singer Vinka welcomed the year 2021 in style when she has her
first baby. Although she successfully kept it a secret while she was pregnant, all hell broke lose
on 19th January 2021 as media kept on asking multiple questions. As for the Vinka and Witta Nelson household, they were excited to welcome their first child. Joined Uganda lockdown babies.

7. Dre Cali

Many girls keep swooning over Dre Cali for his sweet voice, however, sorry for them since he is
taken and his hands are currently full. On 24th March 2020, Dre Cali and his fiancée had a
bouncing baby girl whom they named “Sonia” and soon, Dre Cali decided to produce a song in
her honor.

8. Zex Bilangilangi:

“Inchi kumi” Zex Bilangilangi who is known for his deep voice that always gets the dancehalls vibrating could not help but express how joyful he was upon receiving the news of welcoming a baby. At the beginning of June, Zex threw a blue themed party to welcome the baby and although many people were suddened by the lockdown, Bilangilangi was happy because of the gift it brought him.

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9. Ann Kansime:

Queen of comedy precisely a month after Dre Cali welcomed his baby on 24th April 2021
welcomed her first baby, Selassie Ataho. Ann Kansime then took to her social media and announced that she and Skylanta had jointed the parenting team. Joined Uganda lockdown babies.

Congratulations to artistes that became parents during lockdown and everyone out there that
became a parent.

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