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Uganda Blood Bank Confuses Many As It Bans Drunkards And Sex Workers From Donating Blood

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The clinical team leader Nakasero Blood Bank, Samuel Davis Wante announces how they will no longer
accept blood from drunkards and donors with multiple sexual partners, the department lacks money for
cleaning and processing blood.

The Uganda blood Bank recently opened up about how costly, they are finding it to process blood from both male and female prostitutes, drunkards so that it can be transfuse to patients. Moreover, their level of exposure to transfusable diseases found in blood is high.

In addition, Davis said that it costs $80 to process a unit of blood which the they can't afford right now. He also notes that the blood from these groups of people is usually infected with HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C
because they are sexually reckless.

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When asked on how they will identify these people, the response was comic he said Muslims who
practice polygamous marriages can easily be identified, proving that their is no clear way on how these
people will be identified and refused from donating.

The Uganda Blood Transfusion Service (UBTS) is a semi-autonomous, centrally coordinated organization
in the Ministry of Health sufficiently decentralized to render services to all regions of the country. The
Headquarters at Nakasero Blood bank acts as a reference centre for the Regional Blood Banks and other
public and private hospitals.

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