Uganda Airlines to Add Nsenene to its Menu after Viral Video

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Uganda Airlines has resolved to add nsenene to her menu after the famous video that made rounds to social media.

In the video, one of the passengers is seen selling the local delicacy to other passengers that had boarded the flight. Uganda Airlines came out to say that they do not agree with this sort of behavior. Since it disrupted the flight take off.

“This happened at a time our passengers were boarding, and it was disruptive. We don’t condone the acts of the passenger selling Nsenene and low standards of serving it to people who were buying it. We will not take this conduct on board lightly because it undermines the spirit of the National Carrier,” the letter read in part.

Despite the fact that the act was considered a disgrace by the Airline management, they decided it would be wise to add it to their menu, “We have picked lessons from the incident. Some of our customers enjoy Nsenene. We understand that they were not in plenty this season hence the excitement. We are considering adding Nsenene, a Ugandan delicacy, to our menu for regional and international flights on request.”

Paul Mubiru Selling Local Delicay “Nsenene”

Additionally, the management said this move is not only meant to cater for client’s taste buds. But also meant to promote the country’s tourism on both an international and local level so that more and more people can visit Uganda. “This move will boost tourism marketing and the livelihood of people in the grasshopper value chain going forward.”

As for the passengers, Uganda Airlines said they were in talks to come to terms on how they can handle the situation. “We are in talks with passengers involved, and if there is another occurrence of such conduct on Board, the passenger will be off-loaded without further consideration,” they warned.

The Nsenene video is one that has captured a lot of attention basically because it occurred on the country’s national airline. And also because many people are craving the delicacy as attributed to its scarcity during this season.

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