UCC orders all gossip shows be aired from 10pm to 5am

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The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) shocked many people when it announced that all gossip shows on respective televisions start airing from 10pm to 5am.

This decision was made to protect the younger children and audiences that watch these programs.

Following a statement, the directive was sent to all media outlets. With a warning that the commission shall proceed to institute other regulatory sanctions against any station that fails to adhere to the new rules.

“UCC has ordered all gossip shows on Tv to be airing between 10pm and 5am. A directive which has been sent to TVs notes that any Tv that fails to adhere to this directive will lead to the Commission proceeding to institute other regulatory sanctions.“ read the post.

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The shows have been ordered to air at that time because they contain adult content, sexual sceneries. These tends to disturb and harm some members of the public especially children.

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