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‘Tycoon Sipapa Arrested Again, Here is Why

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Charles Olim popularly known as Sipapa is behind the bars and arrested once again for violating the law
which has left many wondering what he did this time round.

The self proclaimed city tycoon, is currently in the confines of a police cells after he was incarcerated to the Crime Investigation Department found in Kibuli only increasing the suspicion of what he may have done.

Although police denied media the chance to find out the what’s and why’s of Sipapa’s arrest from him, word got out them indicates that the tycoon may have committed an offense graver than the usual.

Word of mouth claims that Sipapa was arrested for allegedly posing illegal firearms which resulted into him being taken for further Investigation to ascertain how he may have posed the illegal firearms and what he’s using it for.

Allegations also indicate that Sipapa was busted after police called upon the general public to report whoever they knew that could be in possession of illegal firearms or anyone that has an unregistered gun.

So far, that is all the information leakages contain. Our reporters are still working around the clock to see to it that they can dig up more yet to be unveiled information about the arrest of the tycoon.

Sipapa has time and time again claimed to own plenty of shillings on his bank account despite
the fact that he has been criticized for only being rich verbally and not owning any material

After disappearing from town for a number of days, he jumped into the National Resistance
Movement truck which left us hoping his troubles had finally come to an end and he would
attain some stability.

However, recent event may indicate that Sipapa is in hotter soup than ever, stay tuned as we
gather every information under the sun in relation to the case of Sipapa’s most recent arrest.


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