Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel Video Leaks Showing His Tiny ‘Gun’

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Self styled tycoon and Masaka born, Emmanuel Lwasa is currently serving a hall of shame after his n@ked video leaked to the internet. This happened hours after he promised to buy a cow to any man that will manage to impregnate his ex lover, and BBS Telefayina’s presenter Diana Nabatanzi.

In this video, money mint Emmanuel Lwasa is seen setting himself up to get started on a s3x marathon ax he is completely wmin the Adam suit with no clothes. He is seen again, very happy switching his phone off and getting ready to feast on his prey for that day.

The motor mouthed tycoon will now be silenced for a while after the release of hid video by the unknown people, since he has been a talking machine on any chance e he got to talk on cameras.

On the other hand, before the leaking of this Lwasa Emmanuel video, it should however be remembered that Diana Nabatanzi’s video also leaked while she was being feasted on by an unknown man. And it is Lwasa who confirmed that she is the one in the video, saying that thats how Diana behaves when doing s3x.

More so, social media in laws have badly trashed the tycoon Lwasa for having showcased a very tiny cassava, with all the words he has said to Diana Nabatanzi, they conclude saying she was right to dump him. His guitar can hardly perform on any stage.

For Lwasa Emmanuel leaked video, we shall have to watch it here. Keep it Times Uganda for your latest and trending news.



Diana Nabatanzi Video” Rocks the Internet, Shocks Everyone!


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