Two Explosions Reported in Kampala Today

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According to the daily monitor two explosions have gone off  one at Raja Chambers, along Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala and Another bomb explosion was reported at the entrance of the Central Police Station.

The explosion at Raja chambers on parliamentary avenue was in an SUV car parke-d outside the ABSA ATMs. Reports indicate that some people have left with injuries but no deaths have been recorded yet.

This follows a couple of bombings that have happened in Kampala for the past couple of days; the bombings have occurred in the most crowded places , from buses to bars and now to people’s place of work.

However, the first explosion came one week after the UK government issued an alert about terrorism in Uganda.

It warned British citizens in the East African country – where attacks of this kind are rare – that “terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks”. It advised them to be vigilant at public places, including restaurants and bars.

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