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Tv Personality Flavia Namulindwa Defends Rabadaba

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Mary Flavia Namulindwa Kubula defends singer Rabadaba for lashing out his anger on all those that criticized his marriage with Nalongo Maggie. This follows Rabadaba’s utterances that were directed to all his haters saying he grew up a rich kid from family.

Many people like comedians Madrat, Chico and full figure have come out saying that Rabadaba did not marry Maggie Kiweesi but instead Maggie married Rabadaba because she has the money.

In Flavia Namulindwa  defense, she finds it wrong to judge someone’s decision to marry because she believes that Rabadaba took a bold step and needs to be congratulated but not mocked. She said that only empty tins can make noise about it because they don’t know how long it took him to make that decision.

Additionally, filled with anger she said she finds every one saying I’ll about their marriage with a problem and she feel is they need to be checked.

Marrying a woman is not easy. He took a bold step and he needs to be congratulated upon taking this decision rather than mocked. Those who are taunting him have a problem, they need to be checked,” she said.

With not much to do recently, since we are in a lockdown many people have found fun in trolling others because they are trying to find relevance from their fans.


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