Touching Reasons why Julius Ssekitoleko Disappeared in Japan Revealed

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sRecently, the country was awoken to the shock of one of the Olympics weightlifter Julius Ssekitoleko competitor’s disappearing without a trace. But he later on handed himself to the authorities of Japan. But the reasons for his disappearing have been revealed, they are heartbreaking.

One morning, an alarm was made once one Julius Sekitoleko failed to turn up for the mandatory Covid-19 testing and upon investigating, it was discovered that he had fled their accommodation without a
trace of where he could have gone.

In his note that he left behind, Julius informed that the reason as to why he disappeared was
because he was trying to find a job while in Japan which seemed to have offered greener

Here are some of the push factors that lead Julius Ssekitoleko into making this decision;

Prior to his departure from Uganda, Sekitoleko had not paid his rent arrears for about one year and
additionally, his landlord was promising eviction in case Julius had not cleared the already
accumulated rent balance.

Secondly, the 20-year-old Julius Ssekitoleko left his pregnant girlfriend behind before he left the country. And one of his greatest fears came true as his girlfriend was evicted from their rental thanks to the overwhelming rent balance they owed their boss.

The icing on top of the cake is the fact that the gym at which Julius Ssekitoleko had been working
has not paid him for an entire year. Leaving him without a source of money in this hard-hit

All these factors worked hand in hand to ensure that Julius Sekitoleko was frustrated to a point
of seeking job opportunities elsewhere. Basing on statistics, during the covid-19 period, over
3,000 Ugandans became poor which explains why many Ugandans are just as devastated as
Julius Ssekitoleko.


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The latest we have about all his troubles is that, the embassy of Uganda is working hard to make sure he is repatriated back home in Uganda as soon as possible. Something that will pile misery to the young sportsman with dreams.

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