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Top 7 Ugandan Collaborations of 2021

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As 2021 draws close to the end, there are certainly some songs that we can’t help but look back upon with a smile. These musicians decided just not to make us happy on their own but went on to collaborate and work upon a number of masterpieces together.

As usual, Timesug presents you with the top 7 Ugandan collaborations that shall possibly rock for the rest of the year and even usher us into 2022:

7. Nkuchekele by Azawi ft. Kenzo:

When veteran musician Joanitah Kawalya said Azawi was destined for the very best, she couldn’t have been more right in her prediction. This year, Azawi not only released her African music album but she also had collaborations with music icons such as Eddy Kenzo. The two unified their melodic voices in their “nkuchekele” song. In case you haven’t listened to it, please do, it certainly is brighter on the other side of the hill.

6. Majje by Azawi ft. Fik Fameica:

Still off the African music album is the “majje” song which bring Fresh boy Fik Fameica and Quinnimino Azawi into the same studio. The two very talented and energized singers combine their absolute strength in one song as they produce the “majje” hit which you can’t help but listen too.

5. Sango by Kenzo ft. Martha Mukisa:

Have you listened to any song lately that perfectly stricks the equilibrium between that smooth flowing voice and the base? Well that is exactly the perfect mix you have once you listen to this song. It not only awakens the joy of listening to quality music in you but also reminds you that dance is not such a bad thing especially with those signature tunes.

4. Kale mama by Sheebah Karungi ft. Chance Nalubega:

It has been centuries upon centuries since the world last got a glimpse of Chance Nalubega so imagine the pleasant surprise once she re-appeared and with none other than Queen Sheebah.

Kale mama is a narrative of a single mother who has ultimately given up the sweet pleasures of love flowing a heartbreak in the early days of her life. She has become so bitter to an extent that she uses phrases such as “omwana yayonona mu pamper,” “glass mwonwera ya’yatika” among other. It is such narratives that truly grant this song a place on this list.

3. Feeling by Lydia Jazmine ft. Grenade:

Whatever feeling Lydia Jazmine and Grenade were speaking about we surely won’t tell but one thing is for sure, the feeling has got both of them feeling a certain wave of heat wash upon them.

Whatever follows subsequently is a tale that the lyrics have mastered to the dot. Certainly they are good enough to have earned it a place among the top 3 2021 collaborations.

2. Body by Spice Diana ft. Nince Henry:

One known fact is that Nince Henry has got not only the talent but the artistic capacity to play around with words and compose the best of songs ever. From his “mpola” song, he narrates how he takes a girl home from a night dance and he shares that the secret is to take a girl step by step.

This year, he returned with his witty ways as he collaborated with Spice Diana in the production of yet another spectacular hit song. He describes the “body” of a girl he is yearning for and just from his words, you can visualize her and that is just how powerful this song is.

1. Banange by Lydia Jazime ft. Ykee Benda:

At the top of our list is “banange” in which Lydia Jazmine takes Ykee Benda home to introduce him to her parents. Yes you got that right, the two actually had an introduction in their song and it set the trend as hence fourth, Ugandans had found the anthem to their introductions or as they are commonly known “kukyala” ceremonies.

Despite 2021 being a grey year thanks to the presence of the covid-19 affiliated lockdown, we surely shall attribute the light moments and the unforgettable music to the above artists that worked tooth and nail to make ends meet.


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