Top 5 Ugandan Promising Male Vocalist Musicians 2021 (Update).

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The Ugandan music industry has always been dominated by dancehall musicians, recently many Male Vocalists and females have started popping out singing soul music. Which is comprised with vocals and sweet lyrics slow music which heals broken hearts.

This kind of music was considered for the old people back then, but thanks to the likes of the late Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo aka Radio who opened the door for youths to this kind of deep vocal and lyrics music to the youth.

1. Sam Ssemwogerere (Zulitums)

Firstly, Sam Ssemwogerere aka Zulitums makes it on this list, this is a man of many talents. One of Uganda’s top Audio producer, Songwriter and currently Musician. He started his music career early last year and luckily got signed to Blacqavay records based in Lagos. He has hit songs like “Tabu”, “Easy” and recently “Oluvanyuma.”

2. Ntege Dalton (Anknown)

Secondly, An Known Prosper, real names Ntege Dalton manages to heal hearts with his songs, such a young and promising talent in the industry. He started his career as a guitarist who later discovered himself as a great songwriter and musician. His songs have hit the industry like a storm and currently one of the most demanded Covid-19 break through artistes. He has songs like, “Radio call,” “Doctor” and “Tonelabira”.

3. Wajja Victor (Victor Ruz)

Victor Ruz real names Wajja Victor happens to also make it on this list. This 21year old has happened to make himself a name in the industry in just a few years. He is a Ugandan R&B, afro beat artist and songwriter. However, he own hit songs like “kikomando,” “love legend” and many more which makes him third on this list.

4. Kizito Ivan Tony (Sama Sojah)

Sama Sojah, born Kizito Ivan Tony is another promising talent in the industry. He came from nowhere and started making songs with the top Ugandan artistes. But what made him stick out was his unique and sweet voice, he is also a songwriter. He worked with artistes like Irene Namubiru in “Kikondoolo” song  and Sheebah Karungi in “Njiira Love.”

5. Zisabusolo Willy (Liam Voice)

Liam Voice real names Zisabusolo Willy happens to top this list, with his amazing talent and love for soul music he surely worth the place. This artiste narrates how he had lost hope in music after girlfriend left him for a sugar daddy, this forced him to make a song which kick started his career and has been on fire this year with songs like “Omwoyo,” “Love Olinonya,” “bus” and many more.

In conclusion, the list still long for the young male vocalists but I first wanted to bring you these first five.

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