Top 3 Male Upcoming Ugandan Artists of 2021

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Aside from the fact that the year was a hustle and bustle for the music industry, as many renown artists were dying in silence due to the COVID-19 impacts, a number of young talents cropped up and brought a brilliance to the scene. Today, we shall be exploring the country’s top three male upcoming Ugandan artists of the year.

3. Liam Voice:


With a voice sweet as honey and lyrics as silk as silicon, you will most definitely fall in love with his love-themed songs. During this year, the Adonis dropped a number of songs including love olinonya, bus and omwoyo.

In an interview, he disclosed that his “bus” song was actually a tribute to his elder sister that he tragically lost and has up to date failed to find closure over her death. Therefore, in his song he says he will meet her again in the next life.

From such a grief dripping story, the song surely captured people’s hearts and also reminded us of the essence of holding our loved ones dear.

2. An Known:


“Alikusimu gamba hello.” Surely almost every Ugandan is now familiar with this lines as they don’t just relate to the usual phone calls made to local radio stations but also the famous “radio call .9” song which has for long ruled the airwaves.

And was there more in store for us! Surely there was as An Known also released his “doctor” song where he declares his undying love for the apple of his eye. Not only has his voice lured many people into relationships but also helped many hearts hold onto the sweet words that come along with the love promises.

More than anything, we can agree that the romantic and beautiful words that make up An Known’s music are the reason as to why he has laid his mark and crossed a number of milestones in such a short time.

1. Dre Cali:


Mpaka records’ latest prodigy makes it to number one on this list. Despite being compared to the fallen music icon Mozey Radio on various occasions, Dre Cali still chooses to stay humble as he says that Radio is a level he can never accomplish.

But once you listen to his music, then you will have reason to conquer with those that could juxtapose him to radio. Among his songs include “ekifuuba,” “ebisooka n’ebisembayo,” “Sonia” which he released in honor of his newly born baby at the beginning of this year.

While speaking to local press, Dre Cali disclosed that the force behind his success has been Mpaka records boss Ykee Benda who has worked with him not just in his capacity as a boss but even down to a friendly basis hence pushing him to where he stands today.

That brings us to the list of the top three male upcoming Ugandan artists of the year. Keep it at Timeug to learn about the most successful musician, who has rocked the music industry this year and probably, a glimpse at who will be trending in 2022.

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