Top 10 best Secondary Schools in Uganda 2021- Updated List

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Despite the fact the education sector has been crippled thanks to the wake of the deadly Covid-19, we surely know that once normalcy knocks at our doors, it will be time for parents to select the best Secondary Schools in Uganda to help their children recover from the impacts of Covid-19 on their academic progress.

Here are some schools that you should certainly look out for while picking out the perfect schools for your children;

  1. Seeta High Schools:

Located in the central Uganda district of Mukono, the Seeta High Schools definitely stand out for their exceptional infrastructure which will without a doubt give your children the most conducive learning environment ever.

Top 10 best Secondary Schools in Uganda 2021- Updated List

The schools have three campuses of the Main campus, Mbalala campus, and Green campus leaving the choice to parents to pick the school of their preference.

However, despite that students belong to different campuses, this definitely has no impact on their academic performance as the trio has definitely given a headache to many other schools within the region and country at large for always having an outstanding performance.

  1. Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School:

Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School

Coming on closely after the Seeta High Schools is Nabisunsa Girls School located within the confines of city suburb Kireka-Banda.

An all-girls private Muslim school, Nabisunsa has stood the test of time since it is one of the oldest schools in the country yet it never fails to amaze with its ever tremendous performance every other academic year.

It is also known for always producing impeccable ladies who have confidence oozing off them and would have you cowering behind your tail just in case you were not prepared especially in case you came in contact with their debate team.

  1. Namilyango College:

The college boys are not only known for their fashionable shoes and neatly ironed uniforms but also their ability to always strick the list of the top ten best schools in the country every time the Uganda National Examinations Board releases national results.

Mukono-based all-boys school Namilyango College shall not only nurture your son towards being an extremely intelligent young man but shall additionally string him towards the perfect gentleman to take any lady home.

  1. St. Henry’s College Kitovu:

At number seven comes yet another all boys lower and upper secondary school which definitely had to make this list complete.

With a strict no “kavera” policy while you step into the Masaka city all boys school, the Kitovu boys are not only extremely smart but also know the essence of hygiene no wonder their cream and brown uniform is never out of place.

Founded on the doctrines of the Roman Catholic church, this school will obviously lead your child into a Godly life yet still help them to keep their academic track record at per with the expectations of the outside world.

  1. Gayaza High School:

Gayaza High School or as it is usually referred to by the younger generations Gyza can never fail to roll off your tongue while you speak of the country’s most brilliant schools due to multiple reasons.

Ladies that have been through Gayaza are a perfect cocktail of intelligence, humility, God fearing, smartness and many other positive attributes that we would surely go on and on about without end.

Just Incase this fits the description of the kind of person you would love your child to be nurtured into, then look no further as Gayaza High School surely is the place to make your dreams come true.

  1. Ntare School:

“Lions still roar” and there’s no denying the lion’s do not seem to have intentions of stopping anytime soon looking at their academy progress and high rankings which they have maintained over the years.

Mbarara’s leading school which so happens to also be a prominent school in the country, Ntare School has such a great alumni body which includes two of East Africa’s presidents, President Museveni and President Kagame among many other prominent figures.

This in itself is a statement since such is a thing nearly unheard of in not just this generation but also the generations that have passed no wonder the western Ugandan school just made it to the list of top best secondary schools in Uganda 2021.

  1. Uganda Marytrs S.S. Namugongo:

Named after the Ugandan Martyrs who were burnt to fire by Kabaka Mwanga for embracing Christianity, the spirit of Christianity is probably most apparent in this school than any other in the country.

With God leading their path, everything else falls in line for the school that is only a few metres from the Uganda Martyrs shrine which always leads it into the path of the top schools on the country every other time. Fourth in the top best secondary schools in Uganda.

3. St. Mary’s Kitende Boarding Senior Secondary School:

Another one of the country’s leading schools St Mary’s Kitende comes in at the third number. This school perfectly her academic performance at its best behavior every other year no wonder it is on this list.

But that’s not all, the school’s administration has found a perfect way to juggle in between academics and sports as their teams always make it as far as African secondary school games competitions.

Further more, the school has state of the art sports facilities like the St. Mary’s stadium so this is the perfect place to take your child that is good at sports yet you want them to extract the best from education.

  1. St. Mary’s College, Kisubi:

Entebbe-based boys school surely makes it the country’s leading all boys school although it comes in second for the best schools located in the country currently.

With principles that run the Catholic church, this school found its standing but also let academics to be it’s priority no wonder the country’s most prominent figures always choose the traditional boy’s school for their sons.

So definitely, Kisubi is one of Uganda’s best schools but furthermore, no other school could probably nurture your soon even a centimeter close to what the expert hands of this school could do.

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  1. Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga tops the list of the best Secondary Schools in Uganda:

At number one, Lugazi’s St. Mary’s Namagunga proudly stands for always holding this position with extreme hard work and nurturing from the school staff filled up with various religious leaders.

The school knows the art of molding a Proverbs 31 woman with not only excellent academic capacity but also the ability to think out situations critically way better than most ladies ever would.

Aside from this, the ladies are from day one taught that self-drive is crucial hence they learn to live, learn and excel under minimal supervision yet they still always capture the number one position over and over again.

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