Tips on How to Boast Your Immunity during This Festival Season

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The festival season is here and surely we are all thinking of enjoying the “vibes on vibes” to the fullest. However, this cannot be accomplished especially if you are feeling sickly or even worse, bedridden.

In order to boast your immunity, there’s a thing or two that you can do so as to ensure that you stay fit and limit on your chances of getting sick or suffering from communicable diseases like flu. This is what you could do;

To boast your health you would require ginger, turmeric, lemon, cinnamon, black pepper and finally honey. Once you have everything that is required, the next step is to blend them and make them into a concentrated drink.

Store the mixture in a clean container and consume 2 to 5 tablespoons per day depending on your preference. It is essential that you stay consistent so as to ensure that you have higher chances of getting ill.

Due to the components present in your drink, you will be protected from suffering from illnesses such as flu, common colds as well as reducing on your chances of suffering from the fear and deadly cancer.

In so doing, you will reducing on your chances of suffering from common diseases during the festive season and you will fully enjoy the festive season to the dot.


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