Tip Swizzy Hits Come Back With Tuvude Wala New Album 2021

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Bolingo singer, Nicholas Mukalazi mostly known as Tip Swizzy hits countdowns with new album, the album is called Tuvude Wala 2021 meaning we have come from far.

A few years ago Tip Swizzy was one of the most famous and talented Uganda musician among the youth, but as years gone by the singer has become a shadow of his former self with no hit songs on any uptown

The singer believes this Tuvude Wala album 2021 will push him back on top, due to his new management, the singer compiled lots of collaborations on the album, big names like Gravity Omutujju, Geosteady and many more.

Most of the people I have on this album are my personal friends, we come way back from when we
were still broke I believe the connection is why I named my album Tuvude wala” this is what Tip Swizzy said during his album campaign.

He is a Ugandan musician whose name he explained is Tip is like a hint about something and Swizzy was inspired by a Seventh Day Adventist pastor who used it a lot in reference to today. He was
born in Makindye to the late Bruce Mubiru and Nora Nakasi.


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