There’s no Excuse to be a Beggar, Bobi Wine Rants Again

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Former president candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu popularly known by his stage name
Bobi Wine has said artistes should not resort to begging. And says there is no excuse for being a beggar.

While speaking on a local television station, Bobi Wine asserted his earlier remark and said their
truly is no reason as to why musicians should beg for money from top government officials.

His comment came after he was asked on the ways artist could make the music industry better.
In his view, he insisted that begging money from Operation Wealth Creation boss Salim Saleh
would not help.

Earlier on, a group of musicians had sought help from Salim Saleh on grounds that their careers
had been devastated by the pandemic and therefore they need a financial push from the

Right way, Bobi Wine reacted calling the delegate of musicians a bunch of beggers who had
initially refused to stand with him while he fought for the liberation of the country against the
yellow leadership.

He went on to say that due to this, the NRM government had crippled the music industry which
is meant to be the mouthpiece of Ugandans who have suffered terribly during the President
Museveni regime.

Many artist came out to react to this including Pallaso who showed utmost disappointment in
Bobi Wine whom he believed was supposed to understand their quest in bettering the music

Bobi Wine in retaliation has said that for the music industry to flourish, it needs more than
artist who will beg for money from those who have done everything in their jurisdiction so as to
cripple the music industry.


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