There Will Be No Free Vaccination Effective January, Hudu Hussein

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Kampala Resident City Commissioner Hudu Hussein has warned there will be no free vaccination come 2022.

According to him, by the end of this year, the country will have accomplished her vaccination target which currently stands at 7 million vaccinated Ugandans from the initial target of 4.8 million Ugandans.

“This free vaccination is going to end at the end of this year meaning we are left with this November and only December. Next year, there will be no free vaccination, next year, you may look for vaccine and you may not find them,” he said.

Mr. Hudu believes once we have hit the target, the donations to the country will cease to. Therefore, this will mean there won’t be any free vaccination available for Ugandans to attain the vaccine as it currently it.

“Because even those that are giving us vaccines will know that we would have achieved our target. Our target was 4.8 million Ugandans which we achieved. We have now extended it to 7 million Ugandans,” he elaborated.

Mr. Hudu Hussein


Therefore, Mr. Hudu’s prediction is that by January next year, vaccines shall only be available at private health facilities. Hence for someone to be vaccinated, it would be necessary for them to make a payment hence he urges people to get the vaccine now.

Currently, there’s a mass campaign going on to motivate people to the vaccine and there are various vaccination points through the city. This in addition reflects on the number of people vaccinated daily.

Despite the warning, there’s antagonism as most people are anticipating the same communication from the Ministry of Health. However, to avoid being on the wrong side, it is important to get vaccinated.


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