The Baninas and Tydz Feature in Love Eno Brand New Song 2021

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The music is back, love is bounces back. it is all fresh and great vibes from the singing duo of The Baninas and Tydz appearing in brand new song called Love Eno latest 2021. The song is set to close the year 2021 for the singers and without doubt, it is another great banger.

Before Love Eno song, it should be remembered that, The Baninas (Chris Banina and Joel Banina) have released some great projects this year. And the they have continued to brace themselves in their musical position on the Ugandan music industry classroom.

On the same note, Tydz is also a good artiste and a vocal king, so undoubtedly Love Eno song is being given to us by the right hands. This year 2021 has been full of massive music projects from Ugandan artistes despite being in a COVID-19 lock down, and no shows, many artistes made it so well.

Love Eno is a piece where the singers hint on the way how love has lost meaning these days, and they are crying over a failed love where hopes of reviving it are already hitting dead ends. But there is always hope, The Baninas and Tydz are falling in love again after a disappointment.


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