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Tanzanian NGO petitions for signatures to disqualified Diamond Platnumz’ BET award

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Tanzanian NGO known as  Change Tanzania is at the forefront of campaigning against Diamond Platinumz’s qualifications for the 27th June scheduled BET awards.

In their view, Diamond Platinumz was one of the key supporters of the country’s fallen president John Pombe Magufuli’s autocratic rule hence he doesn’t deserve to be part of the 2021 BET awards.

They claim that Diamond Platinumz used his fame to sugarcoat the masses against the “brutal repression” that was a great trait of the former regime of dictator John Pombe Magufuli who died in March.

“Diamond Platnumz is a world-renowned Tanzanian artist who used his popularity and his talent to whitewash and deodorize the brutal repression of the late dictator John Magufuli and his regime,” Change Tanzania informed.

More to this, they linked Diamond Platinumz to Mr. Paul Makonda a previous governor of Tanzania whom he appointed as the patron of his edia company as well as his music label Wasafi.

They allege that Mr. Paul Makonda fought against LGBTQ status in Tanzania and in 2020, he was designated by the US State Department for engaging in activities relating to gross violation of human rights.

“Diamond is also a close friend and business ally of Paul Makonda, the former governor who openly persecuted and cracked down on LGBTI people. Makonda has also been designated in 2020 by the US State Department for gross violations of human rights including cracking down on freedom of expression and association,” they further states..

They further state that Diamond turned a blind eye to Prosecutions against fellow musicians during the Magufuli regime which included imprisonments and abduction making him a public enemy.

“In 2016, Diamond made Paul Makonda the Patron of his music label and media company called Wasafi. Makonda has used the Wasafi Festival for publicity and to sanitize his image. Also throughout the increased level of repression when fellow artists were imprisoned and abducted Diamond remained silent. In 2017, he deliberately released a single called “Acha Nikae Kimya” (Let me remain quiet) as a response to the increasing demand from the public to speak up and condemn the crackdowns. Diamond to-date has not condemned or spoken up on any of the atrocities committed.”

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Diamond Platinumz had been nominated for the International Act Category which he competes for with Nigerian stars Burna Boy and Wizkid, Brazil’s Emicida, Young T & Bugsey from UK among others.

So far, over 20,000 people have already signed the petition against Diamond Platinumz receiving the award which has only limited on his chances of ever participating in the 2021 BET awards.

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