Sudhir Byaruhanga Condemned Of Breaking False News

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The NTV renown journalist Sudhir Byaruhanga on bad terms with social media users on how he is not any better with from Citizen Journalists.

This comes following his false reports about bomb that happened yesterday at Kooki towers and Kampala Central Police Station. On making an apology saying he made the tweet before reaching the scene. Most people gave him a deaf ear asking which type of journalist he is.

Among them we have Andrew kabuura a fellow journalist who was also not happy about Byaruhanga’s action at such a critical time. He asked him to be careful and always make research before breaking false news.

“You deserve to be arrested for giving false information thank for this government that you gave you freedom.” Hypertermina also tweeted under Byaruhanga’s apology

More so knowing him as a professional journalist a one Vivianne said she is still confused how a whole professional journalist can break news without fact checking. Even when he knows that at the moment people only believe what comes from journalists.

“I thought spreading unconfirmed/fake news of this magnitude is for us non professionals.” She said

However it should be remembered that it’s not only Byaruhanga that’s spread false news about the bomb. But as professional journalist many people expect him to act differently from citizen journalist which he failed at.


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