Sudhir and Rajiv Leaked Aisha Lee’s Photos – Stanley Ndawula

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A few days ago social media was on fire after socials waking up to Aisha Lee’s nudes which were released from Stanley Ndawula Twitter account. Later that evening he came up and apologized to the people about the nudes saying that his tweeter account was being hacked.

He promised to take it upon himself to investigate on who released the the nudes so as to clear his name. So today the news coming on our desk is that Stanley Ndawula investigations came out reporting Sudhir Ruparelia and Rajiv to be behind the nudes.

However, he went a head and said that this is not the first time this is happening. He said a lot has been
branded on his name but this time round these people have crossed the line.

As he had promised that the people behind this will pay for their deeds. He went ahead and wrote to the Uganda Police force requesting for further investigation into illegal access of his social media accounts.

Yesterday 7th September 2021, they hacked into my Twitter and posted nudes of a one Aisha Mutesi which went viral. They also created (cloned) the Investigator Website and posted the nudes before screen-shooting and circulating them as if they are from the main Investigator website. I received insults from all over, including on my phone both via calls and WhatsApp.” Stanley Ndawula letter started.

In Aisha’s incident, they impersonated me and asked for money from her or they release her nudes. I managed to talk to her and she informed me that after 10 minutes, before she could even respond to their financial demands, they released the nudes. This means they were dying to credit their claims and or those of the mastermind that I am actually an extortionist.” Stanley Ndawula added in a lengthy letter to CID.


I am Sorry – Stanley Ndawula Speaks About Leaked Pics and Videos of Aisha Lee

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