Stress Is The Main Reason Why Ugandan Artists Turn To Drugs – Red Banton is a Testimony

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After having been in the spotlight a few decades back Lubega Tony  allies Red Banton comes out to
confess how drugs can make you lose meaning in life. This is a real life story of someone that has been wasted by drugs, here is what he says.

The “Noonya money” hit maker Red Banton was known for his unique ability to sing words that flow,
but many years after the singer became a shell of his former self. That is after starting to use drugs after allegedly being hit by stress.

He puts this huge set back on drugs and stress, Red Banton warns us how musicians should avoid such drugs that they only lead to failure. This is also a major reason others artistes have fallen from grace to grass.

Further more he showed us how his former comrades such as Young Mulo, Rocky Giant and many more
have failed to pressure their careers due to such drugs.

The way Red Banton fell from top Uganda’s names to a poor, beggar makes people wonder if he will
ever climb back to the top as years pass by. Ever since his Speed song, a collaboration with Goodlyf, the singer has not surfaced again musically.


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