Stop stigmatizing against people living with HIV, Mesach Semakula

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“Onkuba” singer Mesach Semakula has come out to condemn people against stigmatizing people living with HIV/AIDs.

Many times, celebrities have been pointed at with claims of having HIV, and Mesach Semakula as well as musicians like Ronald Mayinja are no exceptions although there’s no evidence to back up the claims.

In an interview, he neither refuted nor accepted the allegations of being HIV positive but rather confronted those people who’s tongues can not wagging and keep on claiming that they have HIV.

He went on to say people living with the virus are no different from others and do not deserve to be treated any different from ordinary people. He further said that if he in deed had aids, it would impact on his outlook or that of fellow music Ronald Mayinja.

“We have grown up while being accused by revelers of having HIV/Aids but all the time, I’ve never seen Ronald Mayinja gain or lose weight or looks. Mayinja is being accused innocently because that’s his nature. The good thing is our Aids doesn’t kill. It has given us an everlasting and happy life and we are grateful for that. The earthly journey is long and a bit complex,” said Mesach in an interview.

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On many occasions, Ugandans have jumped at the necks of celebrities over their HIV status, however, it is not right because people living with HIV are not any different from the rest of us as long as they keep swallowing their ARVs.

Don’t forget the ABC to protect yourself from HIV, Abstain from early sex, Be faithful to your partner and always wear a Condom especially if you’re not aware of your partner’s status.




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